Compare Plastic and Concrete Septic Tanks When You Need a New Tank

If you're putting in a new septic system for the first time or if you need to replace a bad tank, you get to decide on the type of septic tank you want to install. Two common choices are plastic and concrete. First, check with your local codes office to see if a certain type of tank is required since some places only allow concrete. If you have a choice, then you'll want to compare the pros and cons of each.

What To Know About Replacing Your Water Heater

While you may not think about the availability of hot water often, it's something that will be a concern if your water heater breaks. Hot water is necessary for bathing and cleaning, and it's your water heater that makes this necessity a possibility. How often you need to replace your water heater will depend on the kind of water heater you have and how well you maintain it. Here are three things that you should know when replacing your water heater.

Blue-Gray Plastic Pipes? You Should Probably Have Them Replaced

What color are the water pipes in your home? Chances are, they are either copper — because they are made from copper — or white because they're made from PVC. But what if your pipes are made from a blue-gray plastic? This is a rare finding these days, but any pipes this color should be replaced. Pipes made from blue-gray plastic are usually made from a material called polybutylene, and the best way to deal with pipes made from polybutylene is to have them replaced.

Is Your Home Ready for New Plumbing? Convincing Reasons to Choose Pex

While there are many positive factors associated with living in an older home, the plumbing system is not likely to be on that list. Instead, older homes often undergo multiple rounds of repairs and renovations that contribute to common problems, such as poor water pressure, noisy pipes, and water quality issues.  Because of this, those who own an older home often decide to eliminate as many future plumbing problems as possible by installing new water pipes throughout their home.

When To Change Your Hot Water Heater And How To Get It Done

Did you know that 18% of the energy in your home goes toward heating the water? You'll be glad that your home has this ability when it's time to step foot into the bath or shower in the middle of January. Water heater installation work sets the perfect water temperatures in your house. A new hot water heater can reduce the energy that you use. This means that you can go all the way through the holiday season without your energy bills getting too high.