Clogged Drain? 3 Thing A Professional Plumber Can Do To Help

A functional drainage system allows you to enjoy simple pleasures like washing your hands and cleaning the dishes. To keep your sinks and toilet in top shape, ensure you take care of the drains. A professional plumber will help you maintain the drainage system so you don't encounter clogging and other issues. Regularly cleaning your drains washes away any waste that may build up in the pipes. Waste like hair strands or food particles might seem harmless, but they have the potential to stop wastewater and sewage from flowing away from the house. Here are the three main things a professional plumber can help you with. 

Virtually Inspecting Drain Pipes

Fiber-optic cameras allow professional plumbers to virtually inspect sections of your drainage system that they can't access. This way, they can quickly identify the issue at hand and provide an immediate solution. The virtual inspection eliminates guesswork and ensures plumbers get the repairs right the first time. This also ensures that the plumbers choose the right equipment for the job to avoid damages or delays. This process is less intrusive as it doesn't involve taking apart the drainage pipes. 

Cleaning Drains 

Professional plumbers have access to the most effective drain cleaners. They use appropriate solutions that clear out the waste without eroding the pipes. Expert plumbers also use motorized augers to reach solid clogs that drain cleaning solutions cannot remove. A modern way of cleaning drainage systems is shooting hot water at high pressure down the drains. Professional plumbers apply hydro-jetting to not only clear gunk from your drain pipes but also to eliminate bad odors from your home.

Removing Roots of Trees

When a growing root entangles with your drain pipes, this can interfere with waste removal. Detangling the drain pipes from the roots is quite complex and should be left to professional plumbers. Experts have the right set of skills and access to modern equipment necessary for this task. Plumbers will first review the extent of damage before charting a way forward. To get to the root of the problem and to prevent further damage, your plumber has to dig up the surrounding area.

Upgrading Your Drain Pipes 

Poor-quality drain pipes make your drainage system vulnerable to clogging, bursting and other issues. Your plumber can help you upgrade the drain pipes for smooth waste flow. If you move into an old house, contact a professional plumber to assess the drain pipes. Brittle pipes are a crack away from causing a health hazard at your home. Expert plumbers will help you install PVC, copper or galvanized steel pipes. These are the three things a professional plumber can help you with. Consult with your plumber in case you have issues with your drainage system. Professionals will provide effective solutions for every problem.  

To learn more, contact a drain cleaning company.