The Plumbing Guide To Dealing With Hardwater Issues And Preventing Them

If you live in an area with high mineral content in the water, some things need to be done to prevent problems. Often, issues with hard water affect the plumbing, appliances, and mechanical systems in your home. The following plumbing guide will help you deal with these hard water issues with the right equipment and improvements.

Problems with Plumbing Parts

The plumbing parts that are connected to pipes can be affected by hard water. Therefore, pipes and connections may need to be repaired. This is because the mineral buildup can cause various issues, including:

  • Failing backflow prevention devices
  • Frozen valves of plumbing systems
  • Buildup on sink faucets and other plumbing fixtures

These are some of the many issues with the plumbing that may need to be repaired due to mineral buildup.

Damage to Mechanical Systems and Appliances

The buildup of mineral deposits can also cause issues with mechanical systems and appliances. Therefore, there is maintenance and repairs that may be needed for these systems. The first thing that you want to check for hard water damage is the water heater. The mineral buildup can cause damage to the pressure relief valve and other components. It can also cause a buildup inside the water tank, which may need to be flushed. In addition to the water heater or boiler, other household appliances will also need to be checked for problems.

Consider Installing a Water Softener System  

There are also options for installing water softener systems. These systems are specially designed filtration solutions that remove mineral particles from the water. There are different types of mineral systems that can be installed, and you want to choose the best option for your home's needs. Installing a water softener system can prevent damage to plumbing, but you are probably going to need to have repairs and maintenance done before one can be installed in your home.

Routine Maintenance to Reduce Hard Water Issues

You also want to make sure to do routine maintenance to reduce issues with hard water. Some of the maintenance that needs to be done includes changing the water softener medium and cleaning mechanical systems. In addition, you want to inspect plumbing systems and areas that are affected by mineral buildup due to hard water. Routinely flush systems like water heaters and boilers and inspect other appliances and components for damage.

These are some of the problems that hard water can cause with your household plumbing installations. Contact a plumbing service like Spartan Plumbing Inc. for help dealing with these hard water issues.