3 Simple Ways You Know Your Main Water Line Needs Replacement

The main water line connects your home to the public water supply, and it's installed underground and runs across your yard. It is a crucial part of the entire plumbing pipe network in your home. Any problems with the mainline will affect the rest of your home's plumbing. Also, the pipe will cause massive water damage when it breaks and spills water into the yard. Therefore, it is crucial to be observant for signs of trouble with the mainline. Call a plumber once you notice any of these signs of damage.

You Keep Getting Clogs in Your Plumbing System

It is not unusual to get a clogged pipe. However, if the clogs have become more frequent and more complicated to reach, you could have a problem with the mainline. If clogged, it restricts the flow of water into all the other parts of your home. Water pipes are more likely to get blocked when you have a low-water volume flowing through the plumbing lines.

The only way to troubleshoot and fix the problem is by calling a competent plumber to check the water line's condition. They have equipment that can help them determine if it's clogged. Once you remove the clog, the rest of the system will start working well.

There Is Low-Water Pressure in the House

Another indicator of trouble with the main water line is when the water starts coming out of your taps at low pressure. Low-water pressure inside the house can also indicate that there is a clog. Often, when something blocks the flow from the mainline, very little water reaches the other parts of the house. 

However, a plumber can assess the mainline and other parts of the plumbing to diagnose the problem. If a clog is behind the low-water pressure problem, they will remove it. But if the cause of the problem is irreparable, they will have to replace the mainline.

You Have Pools of Water in the Yard

Another indicator of problems with the main plumbing line is water in the yard. When the main pipe bursts, water will slowly leak onto the surrounding soil. Eventually, it will saturate and form pools around the yard. Unfortunately, this can lead to deeper problems such as foundation damage. Stagnant water also encourages pests and leads to unpleasant odors. To avoid such issues, it's advisable to replace the mainline with a new one.

The main water line is a critical part of your plumbing system. However, it could become a nuisance once it develops problems or doesn't serve the intended purpose. If your mainline has become problematic, get a competent plumber to check its condition and fix the damage. If the line damage is beyond repair, the plumber will replace it to save you from worse problems and inconveniences. Contact a main water line replacement service for more information.