Things You May Want To Ask Your Plumber About A New Hot Water Tank Installation

If you need to get a new hot water tank, you'll want to talk to your plumber about your options for a new tank and its installation. Since a water heater usually lasts many years, you want to buy one you're happy with and that operates efficiently. Here are some things to discuss with the plumber.

If Your Tank Needs An Expansion Tank

Your local codes might require new hot water tank installations to include the installation of an expansion tank. The tank is bought separately, and it allows space for the pressure created when the water is heated. It's an important safety feature, so if your tank needs one, your plumber will put one in for you.

If A Plastic Or Metal Drain Valve Is Best

You may need to buy a separate drain valve when you buy the hot water tank, or you might have to choose between a tank that has a plastic or brass valve. A plumber might let you know based on experience which type is best. Metal might be more durable, which would reduce the risk of having to replace the drain valve at some point in the future.

If A Stainless Steel Tank Is Advisable

Water tanks often come with an enamel interior coating that protects the metal from rust. An enamel coating prolongs the life of your tank because if your tank begins to rust and leak, it needs to be replaced since a rusted tank can't be repaired.

Even with an enamel coating, water might reach the metal in some parts of the tank, so rust is a possibility. A stainless steel hot water tank is an option to consider since stainless steel doesn't rust. However, one of these tanks is more expensive than a traditional water tank.

If You Should Switch To Gas

Gas water tanks are usually less expensive to operate, but they are more expensive to buy. If you don't have gas lines present and ready to hook up, then you'll also have to pay for the installation of gas lines. A plumber can help you determine if switching to gas is a good choice for your budget.

If You Can Move The Location Of The Tank

The most affordable option for a new hot water tank installation is to remove the old tank and put the new one in the same place using the existing hookups. However, there might be reasons you want to move the tank to a different location. If so, you may want the plumber to check the location of pipes and other existing hookups to see what moving the tank entails and how much it would cost.

For more information, contact a hot water tank installation service in your area.