What Are Your Options If Your Pipes Are Leaching Lead?

Lead is an incredibly dangerous and toxic heavy metal that no one should be exposed to large quantities of. It's even more dangerous for children, as their bodies become critically ill with a smaller amount of lead than adults' bodies do. Regular exposure to lead can cause developmental issues and neurological problems. Unfortunately, many old pipes were made containing lead, which as the years have gone by, has started to leach into homes' water supplies. 

If you've had your water tested and know that there's an unsafe quantity of lead in it and the water supplier to your home has confirmed that their water is safe to use and drink, then you likely have an issue with your home's plumbing. Here's what you can do to get it addressed so that you and your family can be safe.

Pipe Replacement

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to have your plumbing redone. Chances are that if you have lead pipes, they're very old. If they're degrading enough that the lead is starting to make it into your water, then they may also be on the verge of breaking down entirely and could cause water leaks and damage to your home.

In this situation, you should call a plumber and talk to them about having the plumbing in your home redone. This isn't a quick solution, but it's the one that will guarantee that your entire family is safe and will ensure that you don't have an even bigger plumbing headache months or years down the road from now. Your plumber will need to inspect your home both inside and out, so be prepared if you choose this solution.

Point of Use Water Filtration

Sometimes replacing the plumbing in your home isn't an option due to you being unable to leave the home while the repairs are being made or for some other reason. Maybe you just don't want to put down the money for the expense of having all your plumbing replaced. In that case, there's another solution: a point of use water filtration system.

Water filters are designed to get rid of heavy metals like lead, which means that they can filter your water and render it safe to drink and cook with. However, in this situation, you don't want to get a whole-home point of entry water filter system. That's because the system will filter the water, but then it will run through your pipes, becoming contaminated after the fact.

Instead, a point of use water filtration system filters the water just before it exits the tap, ensuring that it's completely safe to use. You'll need a filter to be built into every tap in your home, and a plumber can help with this.

If you suspect your plumbing has a lead problem, contact a plumbing company, like Du-West Foundation Repair, for help.