Tips For Making Crucial Residential Plumbing Repairs

Because your home is your castle, you'll always want to take care of the fixtures that matter most. Plumbing repairs should be at the top of your priority list since daily water use is as essential to your life as the fixtures that carry them are to your property value. 

Taking care of these repairs is also a financial issue. For instance, the way your hot water heater performs accounts for about 17 percent of your entire home energy expenses. Read on to learn a few residential plumbing repair strategies. 

Hire a plumber to fix pipes and faucets to repair and dry up your property

Fixing household leaks can save up to 10% on household water bills. If you need that 10% saved, you need to bring in a plumber to find the source of leaks and fix them. Leaks happen for any number of reasons, from appliance failure to pipe bursts and clogs. 

Residential plumbers can use thermal imaging cameras to more quickly and effectively spot leaks so they can fix them. A thermal inspection can cost you between $100 per hour and $200 per hour. The plumbers may also charge flat rates upwards of $1,000. 

Fixing a leak may also come with some water damage restoration. By repairing a large leak, you'll reduce the risk of mold in your home as well. 

Make repairs to your hot water heater

Temperature regulation will give you the best plumbing service. You'll be resigned to cold showers and water too cold to clean if your hot water heater is malfunctioning. A residential plumber might charge you up to $500 for hot water heater repairs. Some hot water heater repairs you might need include fixing the thermostat system, repairing the heating element, insulating the tank and changing the hoses and pipes. Residential plumbers will assess the hot water heater piece by piece to highlight the required repairs to improve the water heater's performance and prevent any further damage. 

Repair your plumbing pressure issues

Repairing your pressure issues fixes the long-term care of your plumbing. Water pressure that is too low or too high can be irritating, ineffective, and damaging to your system. This often requires repairs to your plumbing regulator valve. Repairing your water pressure may cost you about $150-$350 and will save you far more money in the long run. 

Let these tips guide you when you need residential plumbing repair services.