Methods For Dealing With A Drain Clog And Why Chemical Drain Cleaners Aren't A Good Choice

A clogged drain is an aggravation, and clearing a clog isn't always easy. You'll probably want to try clearing the clog before you call a plumber, and if you have the right tools, you might be successful. However, think twice before buying chemical drain cleaners. Here's why drain cleaners are a bad choice and other tools you can use for clearing a clog instead.

Drain Chemicals Can Cause Pipe Damage

One of the main reasons to avoid using chemical drain cleaners is that they might harm your drain. Strong cleaners might cause leaks to develop in plastic and metal pipes, especially if a pipe already has weak, corroded areas. Chemical cleaners might not be effective either, and if the clog remains, you or the plumber will have to be careful about using caustic chemicals on the clog that could cause injury when plunging or using other drain clearing methods.

Other Tools To Have On Hand For Drain Clogs

There are a few inexpensive drain-cleaning tools you may want to keep at home for dealing with clogs so you only have to call a plumber when necessary. These tools include a hair removal tool for pulling hair clogs out of a shower drain, an inexpensive drain snake with a hand crank, and two types of plungers. You'll need a flange plunger for toilet clogs and a cup plunger for sink clogs.

When you first notice a sink or toilet is slow to drain, try plunging to clear the pipe before the clog blocks the drain completely. Combining plunging with a drain snake and hot water rinses might get your drain clear, depending on the cause of the clog and the clog's location.

Calling A Plumber May Be Necessary

Sometimes, it isn't possible to clear a drain clog using DIY equipment, and in that case, you'll need to call in a plumber. A plumber might need to dismantle the drain to clear the clog. Plus, a plumber has more powerful equipment, such as a drain auger and hydro jet that can reach deep into the pipe and even cut through tree roots and other hard clogs.

The plumber might need to work on the drain inside your house, or they might use the cleanout opening that's in your yard. Clearing a clog is a simple and fast job for a plumber unless the clog is caused by a collapsed drain pipe, and then the plumber might have to make repairs or replace the pipe rather than simply unclogging it.

To learn more, contact a plumber.