Solutions To Your Lack Of Restrooms While Your Plumbing Is Being Remodeled

Remodeling your bathrooms is both an exciting and frustrating event. The biggest issue, of course, is having a functional toilet to use, and if you are gutting all of your bathrooms at once, there is not going to be a usable toilet for at least a week. In the meantime, you are really stuck in terms of a decent and functional lavatory. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem. 

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are single-toilet stalls encased in heavy-duty plastic and parked on your lawn for your personal use. Whether you need them for a residential or commercial remodeling project is irrelevant. They can be parked anywhere you want to place them, so if you want more privacy when you have to answer nature's call at midnight, you can put these toilets in the backyard or somewhere else less conspicuous. If your remodeling contractor and his/her crew will need to use a portable toilet while on the job, it might be a very good idea to rent more than one and then label which one is for worker use if you want one of the toilets to be strictly for family use. 

Fancier Portable Toilets

By "fancier," it is meant that these bathrooms are complete trailers. They look like a construction trailer on the outside, but they are a deluxe public restroom on the inside. The waste and wastewater travel into holding tanks like an RV, and the tanks are emptied every few days to a week. The neighbors might never be able to tell that these are portable toilets, which is one pro of renting a restroom trailer. It does, however, mean that you will have to share the trailer with the working crew unless they have their own toilets on-site. 

Staying at a Hotel Until the Toilets Have Been Reinstalled

If you are remodeling bathrooms in your commercial building, customers or clients will either have to use a portable toilet or find another restroom close by. If you are remodeling the bathrooms in your home, you could just stay at a hotel for a few days until the remodeling contractor and his/her crew have finished enough of the remodeling project to the point where your toilets have been reinstalled and are currently working. It is a little staycation locally until your toilets at home are back in business. 

To learn more, contact a portable toilet supplier in your area.