This Is Why A Plumbing Leak Is More Serious Than You Think

Having a plumbing leak can be extremely frustrating for homeowners. Hearing a regular drip coming from your plumbing can be absolutely irritating, but that doesn't mean that leaks are necessarily easy to repair or even find. If you think that you have a leak but can't locate it, don't brush it off as not a big deal. Here's a couple reasons why you should care that you have a leak and an easy way to find out where it is.


A tiny bit of water can cause a big amount of damage if you let it. It may not seem like it at first, but when leaks exist for a long time, water starts to pool and gather wherever that leak has formed. This can utterly destroy cabinetry if it goes on for long enough. Wood is utilized in most cabinets, and it rots easily when exposed to water, especially if that water isn't removed quickly enough. Even if you set up a basin or something else to capture the falling water, simply the added humidity (especially if it's a hot water leak) will potentially start to degrade your cabinetry and can break it down if given enough time.

Water Waste

Another problem is that you're wasting water every time your pipes leak. It may not seem like that big a deal; after all, a few drips every minute don't seem like a big deal. However, these water usages can really add up.

For example, if your pipes leak just ten tiny drops per hour, you could end up losing over 500 gallons of water per year. That really adds up in water waste, and it'll also increase your water bill considerably.

Getting Help

Now you know that this leak could be destroying your cabinets and remarkably raising your water bill. These are serious costs that could end up eating your wallet if you're not careful and get help right away. Thankfully, getting help is easy.

To get the help that you need, just hire a plumber. They're pros at finding leaks and can use specialized equipment, like tiny cameras, in order to find cracks and breaks in pipes that could be leaking. You may even have leaks that you don't know about that could be further contributing to damage and water bills. Your plumber will find them all and repair them for you.

In the long run, you'll be saving a lot of money by having your leaks taken care of now rather than waiting until they've done their damage. Contact a company like Professional Plumbing and get the help you need today.