Four Signs You Should Replace Your Toilet

Your toilet sees a substantial amount of everyday use, and is generally durable enough to last years without suffering from major complications. However, like all appliances, your toilet is not completely immune to wear and damage. With enough time and use, y our toilet may begin to experience a number of complications that affect how well it operates. You should know what some of the most common signs of an older and worn out toilet are so that you can figure out when you should start looking at replacement models.


Another very obvious sign that you should seriously consider replacing your toilet during your next bathroom remodel is if you can see cracks, no matter how small, forming in the porcelain bowl or tank of your toilet. These cracks, no matter how small or minor, represent a serious leak risk, and can leave your bathroom completely waterlogged if they grow worse.

Scratching and Staining

An additional indication that it may be a good idea to start looking at replacement toilets is if you see signs of staining or scratching in the toilet bowl. Scratches can hold onto material and waste, leading to a yellowing of the porcelain itself that can be hard to clean. While this does not present a functional issue to your toilet, or run the risk of damaging your bathroom, unsightly stains can increase the amount of maintenance that you have to do to keep your bathroom clean. It may be worth installing a brand new toilet to maintain your interior design and cut down on your cleaning schedule.

Utility Savings

Something that is not quite a warning sign, but is still something you should consider, is the flow rate for your toilet. Older toilets tend to use much more water than newer, high-efficiency models. Replacing your toilet with a low-flow alternative can help reduce your water usage each month, saving you money on your utility bills and increasing the environmental friendliness of your entire home.

Constant Clogging and Repairs

Finally, the last thing that you should watch out for that can indicate that you are overdue for a new toilet is if your current unit functions from a substantial number of clogs and plumbing issues. If you find yourself renting a drain snake on a regular basis or getting in touch with a plumber about replacing specific parts constantly, it may make more sense to simply get rid of the older and worn out unit and install a brand new one that won't carry as many headaches.

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