Kitty Litter And A Clogged Toilet: Why It Is Not A Good Idea To Flush Your Cat's Litter

Did you make the unfortunate mistake of attempting to flush kitty litter down the toilet? It is not ideal to flush any type of litter down the toilet, but now that you did it, your toilet may be clogged. If you cannot get the water to go down, and it only continues to rise each time you flush the toilet, you are dealing with a situation that could quickly get out of control, causing a lot of water to spill over and get on the floor while damaging the flooring materials. If you are in this situation, you must take certain steps to get the litter out and remove the clog.

Using A Toilet Auger And Plunger

There is a possibility that you will solve the problem on your own if you have a toilet auger and a plunger, but it depends on the severity of the clog and the tools that you are using. When trying to remove the clog and get the kitty litter out of the toilet, you should carefully plunge the drain for a few seconds, and then grab an old plastic cup to remove the water and pieces of kitty litter that will begin to float at the top of the toilet. If plunging does not help, stick your toilet auger into the drain and move it around for at least 30 seconds to break up any of those large pieces. You can try to use the toilet auger and plunger for several minutes. If the problem is not getting any better, and you still cannot get the water in the toilet to go down, or if you do not have the proper tools, you need a plumber to come out as quickly as possible.

Calling A Plumber To Come Out

A bathroom plumber should get called to come out to your home because you will not be able to use the toilet until the issue is solved, and that is simply not a good thing for anyone who lives in the home. A plumber may start by opening the tank and closing the flapper to keep the water in the toilet from overflowing and spilling out all over the floor. Once the flapper is closed, he or she may use a combination of techniques to remove the clog and get the kitty litter out of there, such as using a large auger, plunging with a special plunger designed solely for toilets, and even using a solution that will help to break up pieces of the clog to get the gunk to come out even easier.

Never flush kitty litter down the toilet, or you will likely end up with a clogged toilet. If you are experiencing this problem right now, you can try to solve the problem on your own using an auger and plunger or you can have a plumber come out to handle this problem.