3 Things That Are Clogging Your Septic Tank And Pipes

If you are on a septic tank system, then you already know there are certain steps you need to take to maintain your tank system. You will need to make sure that you use a septic tank cleaning tablet, liquid, or powder on a routine basis. You also need to make sure you are using items labeled septic tank friendly. Even though you are taking those steps, you may still be using three items that are clogging your septic tank and pipes. Here are those three items and what you need to know about them.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the key ingredient in many of the DIY health and beauty products. It can be used as a base for face moisturizer, as an oil pulling technique for oral hygiene, and it can be used as a hair treatment. The problem with most of these methods is that the coconut oil ends up in your plumbing and your septic tank. This causes an issue due to the oils melting point. Coconut oil can harden easily and melts at 78 degrees. This means that a traditional hot water shower will melt the oil, however, it can harden inside the pipes and in the septic tank. This can cause blockages and issues with the tank and the plumbing.

Flushable Wipes

Many bathroom tissue companies have come out with flushable wet wipes. These are similar to baby wipes with the advantage of being flushable. The issue is that the flushable rating is intended for city sewer systems and the processes they use to clarify water and process the waste that comes through the systems. Flushable wipes are not generally intended for septic tank systems and do not break down easily in the tank, even with cleaning tablets or powders. They can also combine with other oils or hair and cause large clogs that can crack and break plumbing and septic tank attachments.

Ultra Style Toilet Paper

You may not think about toilet paper as being an issue for your septic tank. The misconception is that the paper will break down in the system due to the liquids the paper comes in contact with. The truth is, some of the ultra styles of paper may cause severe issues with your septic tank. These types of toilet papers are generally much thicker than normal one- or two-ply styles. This causes a thicker amount of paper to enter the system that may take longer to break down. The paper also can come into contact with oils making them even more difficult to break down due to their thickness.

If you are using these three items, there are alternatives to either the product or the method of disposal. Remember, most oils will harden and can be placed in the garbage rather than introduced into the plumbing. If you are unsure if you are having issues with your septic tank because of these three things, consider contacting a septic service.