Why Preventative Maintenance Is Vital with a Septic Tank

A lot of people do not like to spend money on repair bills and maintenance tasks around the house unless they have to. In other words, they will wait as long as possible before they hire a contractor for work. If you have a septic tank at your home, this is not a wise idea. It is always better to have preventative maintenance tasks completed rather than to wait for a problem to arise before your contact a contractor, so here are several things you should understand about this.

Why Your Plumbing Shut-Off Valve Is Stuck And How To Fix The Problem

One annoying problem you may encounter with your plumbing is a stuck shut-off valve. Your plumbing system has several of these valves. One is the main valve outside your home that turns off all the water in your house. You'll probably have valves under each sink and toilet too. These valves are essential for shutting off the water when you get a leak or need to do something like replacing a faucet.

Six Things You Must Know To Minimize Damage Caused By Plumbing Leaks

Leaks in your plumbing system can be very costly and cause extensive damage in your home if you don't know how to handle them. The following are six things it's important for you to know to minimize damage caused by plumbing leaks in your home: How to turn off your main shut-off valve Every home has a main shut-off valve that makes it possible to cut off water flowing to every plumbing fixture in the house.

Protect Your Pipes!

Your pipes are hidden in your walls, and if you're like most people, you don't give them a whole lot of thought until something goes wrong — such as if your water pressure drops or you get a clogged drain. Have you considered, however, that protecting and taking care of your pipes can prevent such issues? They might be out of sight, but they should not be out of mind. Follow these tips to protect your pipes.

How To Handle An AC Unit With An Electrical Component Malfunction

In the heat of summer, having a properly functioning AC unit can feel like a gift from heaven. Depending on where you live in the US, you may have experienced a few unusually hot summers. The thought of taking on such weather without a properly functioning AC can't be appealing to most people. However, if you have an AC unit in your house, you should also expect a few problems down the road.