Should You Hire An Electrician For A Renovation Project?

Many homeowners turn to DIY solutions for a variety of projects, both large and small. If you're renovating or remodeling part of your home, it can be tempting to take on all of the work yourself. While many aspects of a renovation project are well within the skillset of the average do-it-yourselfer, you may want to leave some tasks to professionals.

Perhaps surprisingly, electrical work is not particularly dangerous with a bit of knowledge, but that doesn't mean you should rush off to handle the electrical aspects of your renovation on your own. Instead, this article will help you to decide when it's better to rely on a qualified electrician to get the job done right the first time.

Know the Risks

Electricity isn't something that you should fear, but it does require a healthy dose of respect and understanding. If you aren't entirely comfortable with residential electricity, then you should step back and let a professional handle the work for you. In particular, you should have a solid understanding of switching off circuits and how to test to confirm that wires aren't live.

You don't need expensive testing equipment, but you will need a multimeter or voltage tester. Ensure that you understand how to use these tools since you'll be relying on this information to confirm that it's safe to begin working. Avoid conducting any work on your home's electrical system if you can't test for live voltage.

Understand Your Project's Difficulty

Are you changing a few light switches and outlets, or does your remodeling project require some heavier lifting? Building an addition onto a house usually involves wiring in an entirely new circuit, so you'll need to be familiar with local building codes as well as your home's current service level. In many cases, the most challenging part of this project will be the final step: wiring your circuit to the service panel.

For more complex projects such as this, bringing in an electrician can ultimately be the cheaper option. Although you'll pay some more upfront, having a professional handle the hard work means that you won't have to revisit future problems. If you aren't sure, spend some time researching your project to understand its difficulty level and potential challenges clearly.

Don't Focus on Budget

Everyone wants to save money, but a poorly executed job can hurt your budget far more than the cost of hiring a professional. Tackling a project when you have confidence can be an excellent way to save some money, but stretching yourself can be costly over the long run. When it comes to electrical work, always know your limits and avoid choosing to perform work on your own solely to save money.

For more information, contact a local electrician.