When To Change Your Hot Water Heater And How To Get It Done

Did you know that 18% of the energy in your home goes toward heating the water? You'll be glad that your home has this ability when it's time to step foot into the bath or shower in the middle of January. Water heater installation work sets the perfect water temperatures in your house.

A new hot water heater can reduce the energy that you use. This means that you can go all the way through the holiday season without your energy bills getting too high. This in itself is an accomplishment that makes buying a hot water heater worth it.

Is it time to get a new hot water heater?

Don't jump the gun on replacing your water heater unless you absolutely need it. In some situations, you could just need a repair instead of a total replacement. These repairs could include fixing tubes or restoring a burner. However, if it's been several years since you last changed your hot water heater, it might be time to install a new one.

How can I find the right water heater?

The size of your home and the layout of your plumbing will help you find the right water heater. Your choice should come down to whichever type of water heater is the most efficient while costing the least to maintain. Your options will usually include tankless water heaters that give you hot water on demand, heat pump water heaters, conventional storage tank heaters, and condensing heaters.

A hot water heater can weigh about 100 pounds or more. This isn't a tiny piece of equipment, so you should schedule for delivery at the time of purchase. Many hot water heater installation stores will include the cost of the heater, delivery charges, and installation fees all on the same bill.

Outside of the sheer size and weight of the hot water heating system, you should still make sure to bring in a professional to do the work. The installation work is messy and technical and can become a disaster if you were to try to do it all yourself. Let an expert do this for you instead of trying to test your own ability.

Residential plumbers know all about water heater installations and can help you out with yours. Start out with these tips and take the next steps to getting the installation that is best for your household.

Contact a water heater installation service for more information.